Connecting with others and making friends, especially in college, has always been a challenge. Peep aims to eliminate the obstacles that hinder your path to making friends, offering a fresh approach to connecting with people and building meaningful relationships.


The goal of the project was to foster genuine connections by creating a safe and inclusive platform where users can confidently connect with like-minded peers, share their passions, and build meaningful social relationships.

General Infos

2 month
UI/UX Designer
Yvonne, Cao

Feeling lonely in college happens to many students

Reported they are concerned
with feeling isolated
College can be a time
of new opportunities, but
it can also lead to isolation.
Current college students reported
that they are currently concerned
with feeling lonely
The reality is the college experience includes
bouts of loneliness for most students.

Feeling lonely in college is common due to the challenges of adapting to a new environment, potential social anxiety, diverse backgrounds, demanding schedules, existing cliques, mismatched expectations, and fears of rejection, all of which can hinder the process of making friends.


1. Empathize & Define

Setting Research Goals

In the limited time available, I laid out specific research goals to refine the focus and gain insights into how people currently manage to socialize and make friends


Understanding User Needs and Challenges

Gain insights into the specific needs, challenges, and pain points that college students face when it comes to making friends on campus.


Identifying Preferred Interaction Channels

Determine the preferred communication channels, interaction styles, and features that would encourage college students to use a friend-making app.


Exploring Social Dynamics on College Campuses

Understand the social dynamics and cultural nuances on college campuses that may influence friend-making behaviors.

Who are the competitors?

Dating apps are very common among college students. The students also care about local school news.

What can be learned from the competitors?


Personalisation Setting
Quick and Easy
Filter option


Exclusive news circle
School verification


Real-life events
Local hang out spots

User Interviews (4 Students)

One effective way to understand how college students make friends is by conducting interviews. Although individual experiences may differ, certain shared opinions rise among these conversations.

User Survey (25 responses)

I discovered 3 common themes among the users:

Meet the user - Jamie

Jamie’s Journey of Making Friends

2. Ideate and Wireframes

Pain Points
& Opportunities

It is important for an social networking app to create a safety environment and real connections

Information Architecture

Lo-Fidelity Prototype

After user testing and peers review, I realized
- The app could be mistaken with a Dating App - due to having the same visual cues
- There wasn't a strong "community sense" throughout the app.
- Some button shouldn't be hidden/no drop down menu.

As a result,
The app feels empty and not very engaging. It lacked intuitiveness.

3. Iterate & Design

A close-knit community

Use your school email to create and verify your account - This is to ensure a safety and secure network for everyone. Then we will take you to your school server. This is where you will start meeting people from your school.

Customize your profile

As much as you want to know more about people, they want to know more about you too! Adding your hobbies, interests, signs, etc can help you find better matches.

Discover your best matches

Using our advance filter will help you get the best results. This combine with the information you provide above will help us find the best matches for you.

Chatting and planing

The mission of this app is to bring real connection. Never run out of topic to talk about and plan a real hang out date that actually going to happen!

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