The product

Okinawan brown sugar, also known as kokuto, is a specialty of Okinawa, Japan. It's made by slowly cooking pure sugarcane juice, which is different from the process used to make common brown sugar.  This brown sugar has a rich, deep flavor with hints of tobacco. It's also less processed than regular white sugar, so it's full of texture and not fully granulated.


Design the packaging for specialty stores with a focus on cultural authenticity, distinctive branding, and storytelling. Aim for a premium look, sustainability, and an informative design reflecting Okinawa's identity. Tailor it to the target audience, ensure consistency across variants, and collaborate for a unique and eye-catching display.

General Infos

2 weeks
Graphic Designer
Food Packaging
Yvonne, Cao

The story

Our Okinawa Brown Sugar, meticulously crafted to encapsulate the unique flavors and traditions of the islands. Indulge yourself in the sweet spoonful of the iconic Okinawan sugar, where each granule give you a glimpse of sun-drenched fields and cultural richness. Our packaging adorned with the Shisa dog - the guardian of the island, pays homage to Okinawa's spiritual legacy, ensuring each sugar spoon becomes a harmonious celebration of tradition and taste.

A taste of culture

The packaging feature the illustration of Shisa - also known as 獅子 shi-shi ("lion"). This guardian are found everywhere in Okinawa. Because they are believed to provide protection, they often sit outside or on the roof of many buildings in the archipelago, including those of private houses, large stores, corporate buildings, hospitals and even schools. The spirit animal is now featured on the box to protect the flavor of the island where he came from.


Combining the Japanese wave, floral, and rising sun patterns in a modern-style packaging for Japanese brown sugar blends traditional symbolism with contemporary flair. The wave signifies resilience, florals evoke elegance, and the rising sun symbolizes optimism, infusing the design with cultural richness and a playful, modern aesthetic.

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