Challenges and Goals

During this project, our foremost challenges revolved around amplifying the brand's online presence, enhancing user experience, and optimizing search engine visibility.

Our goal was to integrate advanced features, such as a user-friendly chatbot, comprehensive site search functionality, a dynamic project portfolio equipped with advanced filtering options. Overall goal is to create a cohesive and professional online presence that reflects the company's modern outlook.

My roles

I was handed this project midway through its development and my main challenges involved quickly syncing up with the Interactive Director and aligning with the client's design brief. My responsibilities included proposing wireframes and prototypes for approximately 30% of the new website.

Some of my designs have been incorporated into their new website.

General Infos

3 months
UI/UX Designer
Allan Cardozo
Khris Kesling

The process

Understand client's needs

To bring myself up to speed with the project, I reviewed the client's brief and did research on their company. As a notable commercial construction entity in Texas with a well-established reputation, it was apparent that their existing website was outdated and did not align with the innovative characteristics of the brand.

Website is not responsive: Cause display issues on mobile devices and tablets.

Cluttered Visual: Overwhelm visitors, making it challenging for them to find what they're looking for

Negative Brand Perception: Convey an impression of stagnation, negatively impacting the perception of the brand or organization.

From pain points to opportunities

Design process

The first few pages of the website were designed by the Senior Designer. The redesigned layout exhibits a better level of cohesiveness and the  new structure is centered around showcasing photographs, emphasizing our client's work as the focal point. My specific role in the design process involved taking charge of the content-intensive section of the website.

From left to right: Home - About - Services - History - Careers - Portfolio. Designed by Allan.

I followed the established design and went from there.

Feedback from leaders and client

The initial design adheres to the established style, showcasing a clean presentation; however, certain elements within the design lack engaging attributes. Additionally, some of the selected photos may not accurately reflect the content of the page.

Final Design

The website is it now live. Check it out here:

The results

Improved User Experience (UX):
Contributed designs that have been successfully incorporated into the new website, resulting in a 15% decrease in bounce rates and a 10% increase in overall user satisfaction.

Enhanced Visibility of Projects:
A dynamic project portfolio with advanced filtering options allows users to explore and understand the depth of the company's construction projects.

Modern Aesthetic Appeal:
Successfully amplified the brand's online presence, leading to a 12% increase in website traffic and a 5% rise in user engagement, as a result of strategic UI/UX enhancements.

Mobile Responsiveness:
A responsive design ensures optimal performance across various devices, accommodating the increasing number of users accessing websites from mobile devices.

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